About me

Hello i'm Arber 🙂, a Web Engineer located in Albania. I create pixel perfect websites and web applications following the best practices when it comes to Web Accessibility, performant-ready, responsive-ready, cross-browser/platform compatible and SEO-friendly standards, all while using modern development tools and services.

I have started my Web Development career as a Frontend Developer, well not the term you hear being used around nowadays. Read the article here for more info on that. With the time i have been moving away, slowly but consistently from being an UX Expert towards being a Javascript Engineer. I have been partecipating in trainings about Javascript, i have been learning a lot of stuff from reading, online courses and building while learning. Recently i have started working on some personal projects also implementing all what i have learned and mastered, React, Redux, NextJS, GatsbyJS, Apollo, GraphQL and using tools like Prisma, Heroku, Firebase, etc. My hobbies are video gaming, reading (mostly technical articles 😔) and well who doesn't love to travel.

How would i consider myself?

Well. Usually i like to let others judge me but anyway, not gonna be modest here 👿 (after all, is my own digital world and i'm it's creator)

  • ⭐ a lucky man for the nice family i have
  • ⭐ a lucky man since i have had the luck to work with amazing friends and developers
  • ⭐ good at writing readable and maintable code
  • ⭐ good at writing pixel perfect websites and web applications
  • ⭐ good at writing semanticaly correct code
  • ⭐ good at writing performant code
  • ⭐ good at making websites safer by implementing security standards
  • ⭐ good at creating websites and web applications following Web Accessibility standards
  • loves to read tech and programming related articles

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